SBG Grows More Than Plants. Help Us Meet the Match!:

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To continue inspiring growth of all kinds, a group of SBG champions created a special $12,000 bonus matching opportunity. A year-end gift of your choosing can be matched dollar for dollar. $50 can become $100, $100 can become $200, or whatever level you choose! We invite you to be a part of all that can grow at the Sawtooth Botanical Garden with a meaningful gift today.

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Thank you to the following champions for creating this match:  Laurie & Paul Ahern, Boswell Family Foundation, Norah & Graeme Bretall, Candy & Bart Burnap, Judy & David Kaye, Mila & Marty Lyon, and Susan Parslow & Paul Monahan.

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To donate by mail:

Sawtooth Botanical Garden

PO Box 928

Sun Valley, ID  83353