Summer Yoga in the Courtyard

Start your day here at the Garden every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30AM – 9:45AM now until August 31st.

Tuesday morning yoga with Rachael Broderson.

Rachael Broderson’s spiritual name is Sarabmeet.  Sarabmeet means one who is whole and complete and feels the support and protection with the Divine. Sarabmeet has practiced Kundalini yoga for over a decade and owns and runs a small studio in Bellevue called Kundalini Yoga Center. As a certified Kundalini yoga teacher Sarabmeet is passionate about empowering people with the unique technology of Kundalini yoga. Kundalini uses pranayama (breathing techniques), kriyas and meditation to awaken your awareness. It is a discovery and a connection with your higher consciousness. Benefits include reduced stress, balanced chakras, enhanced immune system, confidence, increased intuition, connection to the infinite and so much more. Rachael works part time as a carpenter and enjoys kayaking, paddle boarding , gardening, music, art and mountain bike riding with her family.

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Thursday morning yoga with Sarah Curtis.

Through Sarah’s prior career in film, television and stage as an actor, she has a unique understanding into how a person’s movement, posture and breathing influence their state of mind and consciousness. She works with individuals with all body types, all levels of experience, and all ages.

“I am passionate about helping people achieve long-term success in gaining flexibility, balance, and strength through yoga. Together, we can reverse the aging process, improve circulation, find greater range of motion, and increase your longevity and vitality.”

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