Board of Directors and Ambassadors Council

The Sawtooth Botanical Garden’s success is due in very large part to its large team of dedicated volunteers, including those serving on the Board of Directors and the Ambassadors Council.

The Board of Directors is the Sawtooth Botanical Garden’s governing body and is responsible for policy and fiduciary guidance of the Garden. Directors are heavily invested in the Garden whether through financial or in-kind support, major involvement and leadership in fundraising events, or professional expertise.

See our staff list here.

  • Jolyon Sawrey, Chair
  • Betsy Cromwell, Vice Chair
  • Ivy Slike, Treasurer
  • Karen Morrison, Recording Secretary
  • Kathie Gouley
  • Dean Hernandez
  • Susan Parslow
  • Susan Thurston
  • John Wolcott
  • Jen Smith – Executive Director/ex-officio

The Ambassadors Council is the Sawtooth Botanical Garden’s contingent of champions. Largely consisting of former Board members or those simply motivated by SBG’s legacy of success and sustainability, the Ambassadors Council is responsible for promoting the efforts of SBG and its significance to the community through contemporary and intimate knowledge of SBG’s programs and services and supporting the Garden’s efforts through donations of time, ideas, innovations, service, and money.

  • Jeanne Cassell, Chair
  • Laurie Ahern, Vice Chair
  • Kathie Gouley, Board Liaison
  • Steve Dondero
  • Peggy Grove
  • Carter Hedberg
  • Kaye Kearns
  • Cherie Kessler
  • Cynthia Langlois
  • Patty Lindberg
  • Kathleen Phelan-Britt
  • Julie Potter
  • Doris Roemer-Moss
  • Gail Severn
  • Michelle Stennett
  • Helen Stone
  • Rich Wendling
  • Carolyn Wicklund